As you read "Enough talk. Start Doing" below, reflect on what resonates with your context, challenge, and character. Then, review the benefits The Strategy Collection offers to anyone in this kind of scenario. Afterwards, get in touch to make these benefits yours. If it's time for something new -- something different -- something better, it's time for The Equitect™ LLC's Strategy Collection.

Enough talk. Start doing.

The Strategy Collection Benefits

Practice intervening into an unequal racial social system when your economic viability & integrity are NOT on the line.

Practice regulating somatically when your nervous system gets activated.

Practice strengthening the fortitude of your amygdala when departing from unequal power structures and dominant cultures.

Practice trying on different ways to respond to everyday racism.

Practice being you in spaces that signal being yourself is not allowed.

Learn how you show up when common racial discourse is turned on its head and something unfamiliar, but good is evoked from within.

It’s the third time people have gathered. You look about the room and notice where colleagues are sitting.  Most of the few BIPOC are sitting in smaller groups together. So are the white people - that can be harder to detect because it’s more of them. Either way, it’s a signal; yep, where people decide to sit when they enter a room matters.

You decide to stay - you’re here now. Sitting next to a BIPOC colleague may decrease your exposure to harm, and it seems better than sitting by yourself. You can anticipate they will understand in ways your other friends never would. They know what it's like, which might mean there aren't any awkward silences, and you’re less likely to encounter an identity abrasion - ouch!

You take a seat, and the discussion begins. The facilitator opens with a discussion of norms for psychological safety.  The usual gets stated: "Respect each other. Listen with empathy. Assume good intent. Give the benefit of the doubt."

You wonder, whose psychological safety gets ensured with these norms? You’re ambivalent about whether you should raise this question. You wonder, “As a Black woman, if I share my thoughts and feelings, will the room listen with empathy? Assume good intent? Give the benefit of the doubt? Or, will I activate stereotypes of the ‘angry black woman?’ Be implicitly expected to caretake others’ reactions to my experience?” You feel stuck between a rock and a hard place: “If I do share, I anticipate a ricochet in the room that the room might not have the capacity to handle. If I don’t share, I anticipate feeling repressed and silenced.” This is exhausting, you feel, as you attune to your body—the conversation shifts before you decide.

As you listen, you think, oh, not this again. It seems like the exact indistinguishable phrases every time. The commitments made land as tokenizing and empty platitudes. The delivery lands as tone-deaf, under-informed, and distant. The assurance that things will change rings hollow and purely symbolic after the series of recent disappointments.

Still, you want to break out of the year-over-year inertia of racial outcomes. You want to end the exodus of talent due to a toxic racial climate. You want to use a game-changing approach to race and its intersections. At times, you feel like retreating, but understand you can't solve a problem if you don't stand in it. 

You’ve stopped talking. You’re amped to start doing. You're ripe to experience what facing ourselves, and systemic racism with less fear can bring.

The Equitect™ Strategy Collection might be just what you need right now. It’s a uniquely designed, proprietary expedition for trailblazers who want to understand the kinesiology of race a figure-it-out, in real-time fashion. Every moment is an opportunity to make a decision that is rooted in antiracism and other forms of equity - or not.

Try an innovative way for all stakeholders involved with race - those dealing directly legislatively, administratively, or with active interventions in day-to-day realities in schools and nonprofits, politicians at national/state/local levels, media influencers providing multiple perspectives, and corporations.

There is little sitting-and-listening. Practice actively walking your talk, embodying your values, and applying social theory to your context. This is not a simulation or a role play. Instead, grapple with a problem your organization is facing. Learn about how successes are born – even when you feel that failures are inevitable.

Get stretched on the fly - in a lower stakes, high challenge, high support space. The Equitect™ Strategy Collection offers a rare chance to move through messy middles, uncover how fear makes you move, and expand the limits of our conditioning.

The Equitect™ is proud to offer you a once-in-a-lifetime, hands-on experience. Practice facing inequity’s tenacity. Contact The Equitect™ now.

Begin your quest.

Designing, testing, & iterating on a strategy for racial equity that is robust enough to compel a system (or overlapping systems) to move is hard. Practice in the series of the Strategy Collection.

Regulating your nervous system under race-related stress is not easy. Practice in the series of the Strategy Collection.

Responding in embodied ways to power structures that are misaligned to the values it espouses is. Build the muscle and agility to soar in the Strategy Collection.

Working with the kinesiology of race is unique. Working with the concept of race as an activity in space & time, something kinetic, alive, breathing in interactions between people and moving through the normal operations of organizations is purpose-built. Build the muscle and agility to apply to your context in the Strategy Collection.