As you read "In the pressure cooker" below, reflect on what resonates with your context, challenge, and character. Then, review the benefits The Strategy Collection offers to anyone in this kind of scenario. Afterwards, get in touch to make these benefits yours. If it's time for something new -- something different -- something better, it's time for The Equitect™ LLC's Strategy Collection.

In the pressure cooker.

The Strategy Collection Benefits

Practice regulating your nervous system when facing race feels "too high stakes and costly" and right-sizing fears.

Practice increasing your confidence to make wise decisions for racial equity.

Practice structural and cultural prevention mechanisms for racial flash points.

Practice surrendering something you value for your values.

Practice the muscle & agility needed to lead with an anti-racist ethos.

Practice becoming expansive enough to remain anchored under pressure.

Practice responding to hard to answer questions and moving when stuck between a rock and a hard place.

It's hard to be a CEO, Chief People Officer, Chief Diversity Officer, and other kind of executive. Especially one with an all-white leadership team. You feel pressured by your board, peers, (in)direct reports, and national trends to increase representation by race and gender or risk losing support. The board is discussing ways to tie compensation to outcomes by race and gender. Your peers are looking to you for answers that you’re not sure you have. (In)direct reports ask valid dilemmatic questions that you struggle to answer. And, we are at a semi-post global pandemic and George-Floyd-ignited racial reckoning. Deep breath in. Exhale.

Your job is to take the long view and stay ahead of the curve, but you constantly find yourself reacting to short-term crises that keep you from thinking strategically. You’re done with getting caught on your back foot. Tired of reactivity. Spent by the game of whack-a-mole in a series of racial crises.

You want to be strategic, tactical, and hands-on. But, you’re in negative capability and less confident in your ability to make good decisions about race and its intersections.

It can feel like there is no way forward without making enemies or losing friends along the way. This would be easy if you could just set aside your personal beliefs and focus on the bottom line, but it's not that simple. You are personally affected, and can't help but get emotional. 

We all know that having a clear vision and strategy for racial equity is critical, but what if you don't have one? What if you are spread too thin?

The Equitect™ helps leaders make progress with racial equity at work using our proprietary Strategy Collection. The Equitect™ LLC Strategy Collection helps executives define the problem and offer opportunities to practice solving it in a lower-stakes, high challenge, high support space. This model will help you develop a shared understanding of how race plays out across every aspect of your organization or community, from hiring practices to customer service. It offers strategy and tactics for developing healthier racial climates amid individual employees, cross-functional teams, and organizations at large.

The Equitect™ is proud to offer you a once-in-a-lifetime, hands-on lab experience. Practice facing inequity’s tenacity. Contact The Equitect™ now.

Begin your quest.

Designing, testing, & iterating on a strategy for racial equity that is robust enough to compel a system (or overlapping systems) to move is hard. Practice in the series of the Strategy Collection.

Regulating your nervous system under race-related stress is not easy. Practice in the series of the Strategy Collection.

Responding in embodied ways to power structures that are misaligned to the values it espouses is. Build the muscle and agility to soar in the Strategy Collection.

Working with the kinesiology of race is unique. Working with the concept of race as an activity in space & time, something kinetic, alive, breathing in interactions between people and moving through the normal operations of organizations is purpose-built. Build the muscle and agility to apply to your context in the Strategy Collection.