As you read "Spent by the game of whack-a-mole" below, reflect on what resonates with your context, challenge, and character. Then, review the benefits The Strategy Collection offers to anyone in this kind of scenario. Afterwards, get in touch to make these benefits yours. If it's time for something new -- something different -- something better, it's time for The Equitect™ LLC's Strategy Collection.

Spent by the game of whack-a-mole.

The Strategy Collection Benefits

​Practice the muscle & agility needed to lead with an anti-racist ethos.

Practice surrendering something you value for your values.

Practice structural and cultural prevention mechanisms for racial flash points.

Practice regulating your nervous system when facing race feels disorienting and weathering.

Practice increasing your confidence to make wise decisions for racial equity.

Practice how you will intervene into a racial social system that is alive in the moment and right-sizing your fears.

Practice becoming expansive enough to remain anchored under pressure.

Your desk is littered with papers, laptops, phones, and coffee cups. The last person to arrive has entered; rushed, heavy breathing, harried, and slightly disshelved. The feeling in the room is palpable. One person is trying to escape the shock and chaos of the moment. Their eyes focus on one place on the wall - dissociated, distant, and detached.  Another person is intensely looking at a device in their hands, hurriedly texting, checking in on his son, daughter and wife. Another has retreated into a corner of the room, away from the center table, their legs bounce anxiously and their eyes quickly look about the room for an ounce of safety and stasis. 

With their masks off and their armour away, this is your leadership team of executives - human - spent by the game of whack-a-mole.

It is clear that the racial strategy you’ve been implementing has turned out to not be that strategic. The tactical, one-off listening sessions every time are turning out to not be robust. The team is being spread too thin and projects are redundant and overlapping. The leadership teams’ fears have diluted the initially bold racial equity goals over time. The succession of ad hoc “Let’s just do what we need to keep things quiet,” faintly address symptoms and not the underlying dis-ease.

You’re all drained by the vicious cycle of racial crises. Life from racial flashpoint to flashpoint is overwhelming, weathering, and you’re barely able to come up for air.

The Equitect™ Strategy Collection might be just what you need right now. It’s a uniquely designed, proprietary expedition for executives who want to understand the kinesiology of race a figure-it-out, in real-time kind of way. There is little sitting-and-listening. You practice actively walking your talk and embodying your values. This is not a simulation or a role play. Instead, you will be grappling with a problem your organization is facing. Learn about how successes are born – even when you feel that failures are inevitable.

Get stretched on the fly - in a lower stakes, high challenge, high support space. The Equitect™ Strategy Collection offers a rare chance to move through messy middles, uncover how fear makes you move, and expand the limits of our conditioning.

The Equitect™ is proud to offer you a once-in-a-lifetime, hands-on experience. Practice facing inequity’s tenacity. Contact The Equitect™ now.

Begin your quest.

Designing, testing, & iterating on a strategy for racial equity that is robust enough to compel a system (or overlapping systems) to move is hard. Practice in the series of the Strategy Collection.

Regulating your nervous system under race-related stress is not easy. Practice in the series of the Strategy Collection.

Responding in embodied ways to power structures that are misaligned to the values it espouses is. Build the muscle and agility to soar in the Strategy Collection.

Working with the kinesiology of race is unique. Working with the concept of race as an activity in space & time, something kinetic, alive, breathing in interactions between people and moving through the normal operations of organizations is purpose-built. Build the muscle and agility to apply to your context in the Strategy Collection.