As you read "Underwhelmed by the current strategy" below, reflect on what resonates with your context, challenge, and character. Then, review the benefits The Strategy Collection offers to anyone in this kind of scenario. Afterwards, get in touch to make these benefits yours. If it's time for something new -- something different -- something better, it's time for The Equitect™ LLC's Strategy Collection.

Underwhelmed by the current strategy.

The Strategy Collection Benefits

Practice intervening into a racial social system.

Practice seeing what that system does with your intervention.

Practice re-intervening into a racial social system based on the data you just generated.

Practice devising a strategy for racial equity.

Practice operationalizing it.

Practice testing if the strategy you devised and operationalized is robust enough to compel a social system to pivot to more racial equity.

Practice walking your talk in a lower stakes, high challenge, high support atmosphere.

Learn how you show up when common racial discourse is turned on its head and something unfamiliar, but good is evoked from within.

Practice regulating somatically when your nervous system gets activated so that your prefrontal cortex can come back online.

Practice trying on different ways to respond to everyday racism

Practice mobilizing a group beyond stagnation and the racial status quo

Your organization externally released a report of its representation by race and gender. And, well it’s been the same dismal outcomes for the past several years. Not long after, your organization’s climate survey results get shared internally. Again, there are racially-gendered patterns that emerge. Even after the last DEI intervention. 

Holding onto hope because your well-being depends on it, you enter a room to grapple with race and its intersections.

You think it’s going to be the usual - BIPOC using their experiences to educate white people, racial trauma put on display for voyeurs unprepared to respond, unequal expressions of emotional labor, and white people, white peopling in ways that are harmful. You got your shield up and armour ready for anything at this point because you're tired of being so used in these kinds of discussions about whiteness without any reciprocity from those who are benefiting most. You think it’s going to be just like always: Black People sharing their stories exhaustingly, as they educate privileged White folks.

But there's something different about this one. Instead, The Equitect™ quickly places you in a racial challenge that lives in the room. Dr. Myosha McAfee gives up her authority and waits to see who the group will authorize to lead instead. Participants look about the room, look at each other, look within, and up for the answers. A 3.7 magnitude earthquake rumbles through the room (earthquakes below magnitude 3 are rarely felt).

Some stay to themselves. Some talk with someone next to them in pairs. Some talk with the small group they are a part of. Few step outside the way we’ve been 1) conditioned to operate, 2) socialized to navigate race and its intersections, and 3) accustomed to assert and respond to power.

A timer goes off. The Equitect™ offers an opportunity to reflect on what just happened - noticing the racial patterns that just emerged in the room! It’s eye-opening. Dr. McAfee facilitates a passageway and it's the most intense moment. I'm not kidding! Suddenly, the spaces within us light up with an array of colors - what our potential is, what we can stand, how tenacious we are as a collective (Jakes, 2021).

You get a chance to hear how others experience you. You get to reflect, individually and in pairs. Next, you get to intervene into the social system that is alive in the room the next chance you have. Then, the next opportunity appears!

And, there you are - with who you say and think you are contrasted with what you do. What gets noticed about the distance between the espoused self and action lies in an elevated heart rate. In a lump in the throat. In the tremble of a leg jousting about anxiously. In fingers tapping a surface. In the amygdala’s mildly sensing unfamiliarity. In each second, you have the freedom to choose who you’re going to be in the moment.

The experience is both remarkable and bewildering. It starts off easy enough but then quickly becomes more difficult when we all get to experience what leadership feels like without any external interference. She trusts our abilities just knowing that someone will step forward eventually. Alongside the people you’re in a cohort with, you participate in a unique immersive learning environment that is collaborative, iterative, and multi-dimensional. Walk through a portal; wrestle with one of life's most urgent and complex problems: race and its intersections.

The Equitect™ is proud to offer you a once-in-a-lifetime, hands-on lab experience. Practice facing inequity’s tenacity. Contact The Equitect™ now.

Begin your quest.

Designing, testing, & iterating on a strategy for racial equity that is robust enough to compel a system (or overlapping systems) to move is hard. Practice in the series of the Strategy Collection.

Regulating your nervous system under race-related stress is not easy. Practice in the series of the Strategy Collection.

Responding in embodied ways to power structures that are misaligned to the values it espouses is. Build the muscle and agility to soar in the Strategy Collection.

Working with the kinesiology of race is unique. Working with the concept of race as an activity in space & time, something kinetic, alive, breathing in interactions between people and moving through the normal operations of organizations is purpose-built. Build the muscle and agility to apply to your context in the Strategy Collection.