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Expand your capacity to face inequity's tenacity.™

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End reactivity to racial inequities.

Gain strategic foresight.

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Introducing a 90-Day Plan for Long Term Racial Equity

Strategize. Formulate. Organize. for racial equity.

Clear out avoidable racial misadventures.

Abandon unwelcomed repercussions.

Get a lifeboat for sinking racial equity ships.

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Reflect. Assess. Plan. For racial equity.

  • Drained by the vicious cycle of racial crises

  • Done with getting caught on your back foot

  • Tired of reactivity

  • Spent by the game of whack-a-mole 

Your business before The Equitect™ LLC.

Misadventures: Off-Balance in Racial Crises, Escalations, & Flashpoints


Sigh. Another racial flashpoint. The sadness, disappointment, anger, and shock we feel and witness amongst our family, friends, and colleagues - it’s weathering, I know.

If you’ve walked a similar path as I, maybe, you’re expected to handle the fallout, the swirl, the escalations, the panic, the anxiety, and, most absurdly, the mismanagement of the management of the fallout. Then, you still have to address your own internal states with grace.

If you’ve been here before, you know what it sounds like. There’s a silent but loud expectation that someONE has to do SOMEthing.

The usual commences. A public message. A listening session with ERGs. A palpable disappointment often resurfaces there. After debriefs of how insufficient that intervention turned out to be, there’s bracing for the next blow. Sigh.

Misadventures. Racism is kicking our butt.

Misadventures of Undertaking Racial Equity with Low Strategic Rigor


  • Ad hoc short-term visions without a runway, flight path, or target destination

  • (Limited) resources get used in ways that yield confusion, stagnation, exhaustion, and devastation

  • People are stretched thin & overwhelmed, work doesn't cohere toward a few goals

  • Workstreams are redundant & overlapping without the benefit of cumulative advantage. People are distracted by turf wars, power struggles, toxic competition, envy, etc.  

Misadventures: Waning Efficacy, Effect, & Edge


  • Stagnant racial patterns in hiring, leveling, promo, performance evaluation, retention, & experiences of the culture

  • Tried interventions and they backfired, didn’t work

  • In negative capability when it comes to pursuing goals for racial equity

  • Loss of confidence in leading and handling racialization

I've had enough.  How can The Equitect ™ LLC help?

Assess your progress in 6 areas.

Chart your own runway, flight path, and destination.

Reflect on the efficacy of your intervention into a racial social system.

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Shift to:

to moving with strategic foresight and rigor 

to collective coordinated movement

to a long-term vision with a runway, flight path, and target destination 

to having more confidence to set bolder goals that won't likely lead to humiliation/embarrassment

Your business with The Equitect™ LLC.

Shift from:

a racial strategy that turns out to not be that strategic, tactical, one-off approaches

being spread too thin or redundant

a succession of ad hoc short-term visions

diluted goals

Build Infrastructure.

Share the load, the glory, the risk, the hits, the wins, and the losses

Set up the work for:

  • shared power 

  • shared responsibility 

  • shared accountability 

  • shared intellectual contribution

  • shared emotional labor

Establish an Operations Model

Create an operations model for stakeholder engagement and coalition building that is at the scale, scope, and altitude that systemic change demands

Get free from bottlenecks, gridlocks, and other forms of inertia

Strategize a change that is equalizing by race and gender, and doesn't re-create the same system where those already advantaged get more advantaged - racial equity vs racial equality.

Avoid shifting the burden to other parts of the system.




Transform a toxic racial climate to a healthy one with awareness of stereotype activation and application, racial macro- and microaggressions

Attune to collective consequences for a few individuals' actions. (Meadows, 2002) 

Anticipate collisions, crashes, ripples

Pre-game expected dissonance, resistance to change, and counter forces

Build mechanisms for the rumble and reckoning

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The Equitect™ LLC

Expand your capacity to face inequity's tenacity.™