Anti Racism at Work Coaching Collective

Build strategy, skill, sanctuary, respite, and soft places to land for the ahead-of-the-curve "rabble-rousers," positively deviant, and maladjusted to injustice.

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Are you:

  • Isolated and have trouble finding partners to do strategy sessions, soundboard ideas, do gut checks?
  • Learning to respond in the moment and shift dynamics?
  • In a context where a racialized problem eclipses the number of people with racial literacy?
  • Navigating business tensions, competing priorities, de-prioritization, and performative engagement?
  • Grow: Uplevel your skillset, moves, responsiveness, and recovery time.
  • Finding partners in-house: Blueprint ways to shed individualism, find partners, and what it might mean to connect with the detractors, silent bystanders, reluctant, allied, complicit, as well as neutral/objective. 
  • Mine & Localize: Decode what it means to be a troublemaker, rabble-rouser, a square peg in a round hole.
  • Expand your consciousness: Build capacity to solve challenges with a self-transforming and self-actualizing mind (Keegan & Leahy)
  • Heal: Engage in processes for remedying racialized trauma.
  • Re-imagine what's possible and feasible: Expect more of ourselves than most people think is doable.
  • Excavate: Excavate places where “imagination sabotages itself.” (Morrison, 1996).
  • Style: Human-centered. Dignity-protected. Organizational culture- and structure-based: group works together to respond to real challenges, professional learning community model.
  • Format: Virtual and in-person learning, in-between-lab work.
  • Timing: Weekly.
  • Duration: 3- and 6-month routes.
  • Size: 20-person cohorts.

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Race and Leadership

Increase your capacity to lead high-stakes change while acknowledging the dangers and losses that come with propelling humanity forward.

We build strategies, skills, sanctuary, respite, and soft places to land for the ahead-of-the-curve "troublemakers," positively deviant, and maladjusted to injustice.

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