How It Works

1. Choose your path: Antiracism (Racial + Equitecture ®) or DEI training (Equitecture).

Which path fits for your organization's culture, appetite, and willingness?

Compare paths: Antiracism or DEI Training

Content of current converstations:

asks to discuss and apply concepts of antiblackness, antiracism, and centering the marginalized to the everyday

asks, are we doing the right DEI work? How do I get 'them' to care?

Scope of current strategy:

inquiry and advocacy for structural change

inquiry and advocacy for systems change

getting intentional about being intersectional

resources invested in DEI training

resources invested in Antiracism training

events, summits, book clubs, lectures is the singular approach without connection to structural and systems change

diversity annual reports that focus on representation only (does not include outcome metrics in promotion, pay, and retention disaggregated at the intersections of race and gender)

Stakeholders requests sound like:

asks: how do we remedy the strong and weak signals that parts of our hr and management processes contribute to the inequitable rates in promotion, pay, and retention that we see?

asks: how do we prevent the pitfalls we know are systematically contributing to unequal outcomes in promotion, pay, and retention?

asks: how do we transform aspects of our team's culture that lead some white employees to say they experience a sense of belonging and most of our Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and AAPI employees do not?

"it's not appropriate to talk about race at work..."

Sentiment: "DEI is extra work that is not central to our core business operations though it's one of our company's values."

observe: conversations that focus on operational complexity and integrity but not operational fairness.

Dialectics & Dilemmas sound like:

values for both equity and economic viability

face organizational resilience and resistance

wrestle with comfort, convenience, & contradiction

grapple with humanist goals and reputation risk

equity, equality, and liberation

color-evasiveness and color-consciousness

accountability, blowback, feedback, fallout, and ripples

Signals the racial status quo has disrupted

cultural shifts in the way people talk, think, behave

mobilization at multiple levels

gutsy DEI goals have been diluted

inertia in hr process outcomes by race and gender

diminishing progress over time

series of crises tied to race/ethnicity, gender, ability, etc.

vicious instead of virtuous cycles

knee-jerk, reactive responses

you've tried the usual listening sessions, summits, reading groups and there is appetite for more substantive work

ERGs give back the work to executives and share the load with others who hold parts of the problem and solution

Choose your path:

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Antiracism? DEI Efforts? Can't decide what works best for you?

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