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Transformational Change

Expand your capacity to embrace complexity, manage critical uncertainties, and withstand the risk transformational change for racial equity commands.

Gain tools to somatically anchor, self-regulate, and ground while under pressure.

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Equity Audit

Work with a hands-on social scientist to discover, diagnose, and design ways to address any unknown and (un)stated DEI challenges underlying your organization's culture and outcomes.

Then, drive an empirically sound and rigorously tested action plan with support and backup for the rumble surely to come.

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Equity Leadership

Lead with an antiracist ethos. Catalyze with a racial equity lens.

Learn tools and processes to grow the impact of your catalyzing efforts to change behaviors and the conditions necessary for equity to emerge in data analytics in effect.

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Feel less caught in the catch-22's of implementing DEI strategy. Engage with less knee-jerk reactions.
Experience more coordinated collective movement.

Close the Gap in your data outcomes

Feel More Courage to Drive Systems Change

Cultivate a high performing team with equity leadership

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