Organizational Analysis & Activation

Discover, diagnose, and design ways to address any unknown and (un)stated DEI challenges underlying your organization's culture and outcomes.

Then, drive an empirically sound and rigorously tested action plan with support and backup for the rumble surely to come.

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How it Works:

Are you:

  • noticing a loss of steam after making a public DEI commitment?
  • between competing priorities and notice this has led to DEI de-prioritization?
  • seeing climate survey results that are concerning when disaggregated by race, gender, etc?
  • aware of concerning results from a climate survey, but facing disbelief, invalidation, and low engagement?
  • mindful of unfavorable results from a climate survey, but unsure who, when, why, and how to share them with a broader audience to activate transformation of the culture?
  • Discover: Structure an inquiry process - includes survey design, data collection, analysis, synthesis, and presentation.
  • Diagnosis: Test the current & emerging theory of change against empirical literature, real-time work experiences, organizational feedback loops, etc. Surface and fill gaps.
  • Design: Design ways to address gaps. Facilitate change management and culture shift work based on analysis from the diagnosis phase.
  • Drive: Recommendations come with support for implementation, activating organizational culture transformation.
  • Dissect: Get a facilitated post-mortem, attentive to organizational feedback loops with next step actions for disbelief, invalidation, and low engagement.
  • Style: Invites current work challenges. Content-oriented and didactic.
  • Format: Virtual and in-person high support, high challenge, facilitative leadership, pre- and post work
  • Timing: Weekly or biweekly. Arc over 1-6 months, depending on add-on services.
  • Duration: Optional & based on situational factors.
  • Size: Any organizational size.

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