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How it Works:

Are you:

  • In a context when there is a need to address a ripening issue bubbling beneath the surface?
  • working with colleagues who have become inured to the realities data at the intersection of race and gender reflect?
  • aware of concerning results from a climate survey, but facing disbelief, invalidation, and low engagement?
  • learning to apply systems thinking to your organizational context?
  • Wondering how to lead with an antiracist ethos without losing your job?
  • mastering how to catalyze with a racial equity lens?
  • Deconstruct: Analyze the efficacy of your current strategy using empirical literature, expertise, and experience.
  • Strategically forecast: Plan for common fallacies in organizational challenges and immunities to change.
  • Go internal: Go into the intra-personal (within a person) workings of leading change.
  • Catalyze: Compel a compunction to move, inspiring critical stakeholders to take responsibility for the health of the racial climate of the organization.
  • Capital utility: Explore ways to use your political and social capital.
  • Style: Invites current work challenges. Content-oriented and didactic.
  • Format: Virtual and in-person high support, high challenge, facilitative leadership, pre- and post work
  • Timing: Weekly or biweekly.
  • Duration: Optional & based on situational factors.
  • Size: 10+ person group.

Other Equitecture Services

Transformational Change

Expand your capacity to embrace complexity, manage critical uncertainties, and withstand the risk transformational change for racial equity commands.

Gain tools to somatically anchor, self-regulate, and ground while under pressure.

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Equity Audit

Work with a hands-on social scientist to discover, diagnose, and design ways to address any unknown and (un)stated DEI challenges underlying your organization's culture and outcomes.

Then, drive an empirically sound and rigorously tested action plan with support and backup for the rumble surely to come.

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