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Face inequity's tenacity.™

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Racial Strategy &


A Pedagogy

of Courage

Muscle  & 


Expand your capacity to face inequity's tenacity™

Are you grappling with challenges that are adaptive, systemic, cultural, and structural?

Are you overwhelmed by the complexities, dilemmas, and ambiguities?

Do the problems seem unpredictable? even volatile at times?

I get it.

Are you finding the work messy, elusive to the grasp, exhausting, and endless?

Is it hard to find a balance between leading transformative change and staying alive long enough to see transformation happen?

Are you grappling with what's needed to be unlearned? what sabotages the imagination? and what sparks 180-degree turns in culture?

I understand.

Benefits of The Equitect™ LLC

5 Star Rating
5 Star Rating
5 Star Rating
5 Star Rating
5 Star Rating

Study racial kinetics, power, & privilege

Build intersectional & systems models

Practice leading antiracism charges

Cultivate sanctuary & healing while disrupting

Explore remedies for the multiply marginalized

Racial Equity Specs

1 Company

2 Pathways to Antiracism

     Racial Equitecture


5 Anchors




     Muscle & Agility


     Skills & Knowledge

14 Collections organized by Anchor + Pathway


     Strategy for Racial Equity Collection

     Leading with an Antiracist Ethos Collections

     Muscle + Agility for Navigating Race and Its Intersections Collections

     Operations & Infrastructure for Systemic Change Collection

     Intersectional Skills & Knowledge Collections

     Mixed Collections - A Curated Mix of the Above

Services | Products | Offerings

     Live labs (online during Covid-19)

     Pre-recorded online labs (coming soon!)

     Healing Studio (coming soon!)

     Experiential Coaching (group and 1:1) 

     Downloadable tools (coming soon!)

Are you...

Are you selling products and services that are treasured?

Are your customers onboard?

...but, your organization's practices for attracting, promoting, & retaining talent who identify as BIPOC, women- and non-binary identified need change?

The circumstance is familiar.

Are you pursuing ethical, humane goals, 'the right thing to do?'

Yet, such goals are seen as divisive, dangerous, & conflicting with equally important goals?

Afraid the risks will jeopardize your professional and personal life?


Expand your capacity to face inequity's tenacity™

Experience The Equitect™ LLC


align your values for racial equity with your actions & outcomes

Shift the status quo

limit year over year stagnation in your outcomes for racial equity and diversity, equity, & inclusion

Drive Strategic & Empirical Implementation

co-develop rigorous & empirically sound anti-racism strategies to execute

Potentially shift

outcomes, culture, beliefs, processes, and ways of being

Nurture & Cultivate

nurture collective responsibility & cultivate more response-ability


Why Choose The Equitect™ LLC?


I am a better colleague, friend, wife, sister, daughter and human of the world because of you. What I learned and the skills I built were truly life changing for me. I am forever indebted to you for creating the space and allowing me to begin this journey...

HR & DEI Professional

I want any and every team I’m on, whether that is a leadership unit or one I’m managing, to engage in this...Just for building a team that disagrees productively and is aware of power and race+ dynamics. It was just such a rich experience. The quality of conversation and the leadership it would open up for every participant of the group to contribute moving forward is beyond quantifiable…

Director in Silicon Valley/Tech

It was one of the most impactful experiences I’ve had in my 25 years of professional work…I think about this experience continuously and it has helped me to become a better leader…using my unearned privilege...

Education Management

She pushes for intellectually substantive work in a way that no other had challenged me to do during my ENTIRE time at Harvard. My time with her was so productive. I came away with a clear understanding of holes in my arguments and a clear plan to approach things that I found difficult.

1 great company

2 Pathways to choose from

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