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Increase your capacity to lead high-stakes change while acknowledging the dangers and losses that come with propelling humanity forward.

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  • Looking for ways to stay alive during the dangers of leading the kind of transformational change that grapples with race and its intersections?
  • Struggling with ways to: diagnose systems, recognize power dynamics, navigate resistance, and endure unavoidable discomfort, inconvenience, risk, and competing commitments?
  • With Data: Humanize and awaken.
  • With Power Dynamics: Decode and respond.
  • With Racial Social Systems: Diagnose and intervene.
  • With Progression: Discuss, build, and test different models for attenuating inequity.
  • Discuss models for leading, danger and sanctuary, while examining how race, power, and privilege operate in equity-mission-driven organizations.
  • Map internal systems, how they overlap & interlock, whether & how processes produce cumulative advantage and disadvantage
  • Style: Invites current work challenges. Content-oriented, didactic, tactile, hands on, and integrative to the workplace.
  • Format: Virtual and in-person learning, pre- and post work.
  • Timing: Weekly or biweekly.
  • Duration: Optional & based on situational factors.
  • Size: 10+ person group.

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