For the Dilemmatic

Grapple with the risk that transformation commands. Wrestle with the low impact that risk-avoidance guarantees.

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  • Struggling with the gap between equity as an idea and equity as a leadership and organizational practice?
  • Wrestling with your personal values for equity and a fear that your economic viability & advancement are threatened when you pursue these values at work?
  • caught between equity, equality, and liberation frames?
  • wedged between a desire to hold people accountable and a fear of the blowback and fallout from detractors?
  • stuck between accepting that you see race and being socialized to believe that seeing race is 'racist' and 'divisive'?
  • Embrace Complexity: Examine the risk that transformation commands. Juxtapose it with the low impact that risk-avoidance guarantees.
  • Get Dilemmatic: Unpack common dilemmas and the and situational factors and positionalities (race, gender, job level, etc.) that shape them.
  • Explore: Learn what occurs when the status quo gets interrupted at multiple levels and ways to navigate the dilemmas that ensue.
  • Dive Deeper: Delve into notions of risk, discomfort, and safety.
  • Discuss models for leading, danger and sanctuary, while examining how race, power, and privilege operate in equity-mission-driven organizations.
  • Screen the Self: Examine how one might use various forms of privilege and disadvantage to intervene into a social system.
  • Remedy Harm: Explore the harm that can follow dilemmatic decisions, especially to the multiply marginalized and the implications for everyone.
  • Style: Invites current work challenges. Content-oriented, didactic, tactile, hands on, and integrative to the workplace.
  • Format: Virtual and in-person high support, high challenge, pre- and post work.
  • Timing: Weekly or biweekly.
  • Duration: Optional & based on situational factors.
  • Size: 10+ person group.

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Equity Audit

Work with a hands-on social scientist to discover, diagnose, and design ways to address any unknown and (un)stated DEI challenges underlying your organization's culture and outcomes.

Then, drive an empirically sound and rigorously tested action plan with support and backup for the rumble surely to come.

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Equity Leadership

Lead with an antiracist ethos. Catalyze with a racial equity lens.

Learn tools and processes to grow the impact of your catalyzing efforts to change behaviors and the conditions necessary for equity to emerge in data analytics in effect.

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