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It's time to close the gap between our values and our outcomes.

About Dr. Myosha McAfee - The Equitect™


Words others use to describe Dr. Myosha's - The Equitect™ - approach.

To have her join you on your journey toward racial equity is to have a(n):

  • Harvard-Educated Guide that helps you navigate the difficult path of equity leadership
  • Initiated Healer that equips you with ways to heal racialized trauma
  • Shapeshifter of a toxic racial climate and inequitable systems and structures
  • Alchemist that transforms roadblocks that use racism and sexism to delay and deny destinies

Choose the only antiracism journey with a Harvard-influenced approach to preparing global leaders for adaptive leadership.

A systemic racism education you can use to to expand your capacity to face inequity's tenacity.™

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The Equitect™ is one great company with two pathways. Anti racism programs and DEI training are often used interchangeably, but there are qualitative differences. Choose which one is best for you.

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Racial + Equitecture


Antiracism programs

DEI Training

How It Works

image of The Equitect client at a fork in the road, choosing which direction to take - toward anti racism strategies or DEI training

Choose your path to close the gap.

Which path is the best fit for your organization's appetite, willingness, and expansiveness? Antiracism or DEI?

image of dark skin person choosing one equity challenge card from a collection of cards of equity challenges

ID your biggest equity challenge.

Each tab on the service page lists common challenges. Review to see which most aligns with the challenges you're facing.
Example: results from your climate survey show disparities by race and gender

image of a dark skin person holding multiple cards of different colors. The cards represent anti racism strategies and DEI strategy

Explore options to overcome your equity challenges

Each service offers an opportunity to overcome your challenges.
Example: Move more strategically through the landmines of driving systemic change using rapid cycle learning and iteration. Choose what compels you.

image of a dark skin woman holding a phone the size of her height, inviting to be contacted by a person looking for equitable change

Schedule an inquiry call for equitable change

Let's talk more about your needs and how The Equitect™ might help.

Get in touch for results like this:

Driving equitable change and transformation is hard.

To do it aware of the intersections of race and leadership is even harder. Don’t do equity change management alone.

Work with Dr. Myosha McAfee, The Equitect,™:

Shift from DEI programs that demand high resources but offer low impact.

Have more muscle and agility to navigate the escalated feedback, pushback, and blowback.

More strategically facilitate a process of transformation to decrease disparate impact.

Expand your capacity to face competing priorities, delay, and deprioritization.

Align the sprawl of DEI programs, some of which are duplicative.

Her Antiracism strategies have shifted structure, cultures, and systems in Silicon Valley.

Feel more confident strategically navigating the landmines of driving systemic change.

Feel less alone with a Harvard-educated guide that helps you navigate the difficult terrain of equity leadership.

Companies who have trusted The Equitect™ with their humans.

You can too.

Who It's For

HR & DEI Professionals

love The Equitect™ because "The quality of conversation and the leadership it would open up for every participant of the group to contribute moving forward is beyond quantifiable…"

Executives & Managers

love The Equitect™ because "I am a better colleague, friend, wife, sister, daughter and human of the world because of you. What I learned and the skills I built were truly life-changing for me..."

Education Professionals

love The Equitect™ because “She pushes for intellectually substantive work in a way that no other had challenged me to do during my ENTIRE time at Harvard..."

Strategists & Consultants

love The Equitect™ because "Dr. McAfee has developed a game-changing approach and methodology to do the essential work of our time...Dr. McAfee is leading the way - work with her as soon as you can."

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Change your racial climate

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