The Equitect,™ LLC, envisions a world where we end systemic racism and other isms. The mission of The Equitect,™ LLC is to expand organizations’ capacity to face inequity’s tenacity.

You've decided to face inequity. Now let's expand your capacity to face its tenacity. The Equitect,™ LLC offers a two-pathway solution. 

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“I am a better colleague, friend, wife, sister, daughter and human of the world because of you. What I learned and the skills I built were truly life changing for me. I am forever indebted to you for creating the space and allowing me to begin this journey...”

— P.S.

“It was one of the most impactful experiences I’ve had in my 25 years of professional work…I think about this experience continuously and it has helped me to become a better leader…using my unearned privilege...”

—  T. R.

“I want any and every team I’m on, whether that is a leadership unit or one I’m managing, to engage in this...Just for building a team that disagrees productively and is aware of power and race+ dynamics. It was just such a rich experience. The quality of conversation and the leadership it would open up for every participant of the group to contribute moving forward is beyond quantifiable…”  

—  E. G.

"She pushes for intellectually substantive work in a way that no other had challenged me to do during my ENTIRE time at Harvard. My time with her was so productive. I came away with a clear understanding of holes in my arguments and a clear plan to approach things that I found difficult."

— T.Y.

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