Is your organization open to creating the unprecedented? Ripe to choose courage over convenience? On the brink of facing inequity’s tenacity?


Then meet Dr. Myosha McAfee. 


Dr. Myosha McAfee is the President and Founder of The Equitect,™ LLC, the premier DEI firm lighting the way in disruptive anti-racist strategies.  Melding social science, maverick leadership, and a pedagogy of courage, Dr. McAfee is a pioneering social scientist who leverages her deep expertise to move individuals and entire institutions to grapple with and humbly consider what truly transformative anti-racist, systems’ change work can emerge as. 


From the classroom to the tech boardroom, Dr. McAfee will inspire you to open your eyes to new possibilities - the possibilities of us: 

  • healing and disrupting our cycles of socialization in empowering ways, 

  • departing from the status quo, and 

  • reimagining entirely different organizations, institutions & worlds. 


During her 4-year tenure as Google’s in-house racial equity expert and founder of Google’s Center for Racial Equity and Systemic Transformation, she created the company’s first-ever company-wide strategy that resulted in measurable shifts in skills, beliefs, and behaviors for over 16k employees and over 250 VPs across 15+ global offices. She fuses theory and practice, as well as, pragmatism and profound vision -- in rigorous and highly compelling ways. She will hold mirrors up that reveal the gaps between values and actions in ways that not many can. She will also stand in her own liberatory power, embodying courage and radiating care for the most adversely impacted.


A deep empath, initiated healer en route, and shaman en voyage, she listens wholeheartedly for the song beneath the words - for what's unstated but badly needs to be said. She will see you and affirm your innate and individual gifts, wisdom and talents - even if you, perhaps, don't see them in yourself. She knows they are there!


Dr. McAfee earned her Doctorate and Master’s in Education at Harvard University. She also holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Social Work from the University of Texas, Austin. She is a powerful speaker, healer, and social theorist, authoring a new theory, “The Kinesiology of Race,” published in the Harvard Educational Review in 2014. 

An ensemble of a life’s mission statement, personal values, and mantras guide The Equitect,™ LLC.



Create the unprecedented.

Choose courage over convenience.

Face inequity's tenacity.™


Alchemy: Pursue transformation sincerely. 

Curiosity: Make the ordinary strange, the atypical familiar. 

Metanoia: Honor the journey of one changing one's own life.

Numinosity: Inspire breakthroughs, transcend tensions, cultivate response-ability. 

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Be Light.

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