Go from:
stumped to clear
stymied to oriented
stagnant to progressing, and
stressed to agile

When it's time to address race in the workplace, access deep wells of knowledge on how race moves through the interactions and operations of organizations.

If you find that your strategy for racial equity doesn’t get the collective closer to shared aspirations, where do you turn?

another strategic plan of one-off DE&I events,
ambivalent DEI OKRs that focus on unconscious bias,
burnout-driven cynicism,
reluctant yielding,
silent acquiescence,
judgment & (vicious) cycles of critique?

When the appetite and risk tolerance for equity work is uncertain,

it can be easy to feel that your only options are to
endure, give in, dim your light, or leave.
These defaults are not the only options.
That's where I come in.

I know...it's challenging to lead with an antiracist ethos. Your leadership is warmly welcomed here.

In The Metanoia Lab practice what it means to lead a high-performing team that centers racial equity and combats racism -internally and in it's product/service.

Practice intervening into the racial social system we all bring into the room so that you progress beyond your baseline of intervening into unequal social systems.

And, do so without the same risks of
losing your job, harming your reputation, or heeding the consequences of thinking beyond our own time.

Give me some Metanoia Lab magic

Shift from a DEI project, statement, or commitment list to a strategically sound model for attenuating inequity

Say goodbye to isolating workdays with no one to soundboard ideas. Join a collective.

Have backup during your next high-stakes meeting

Learn more about the Antiracism Coaching Collective

I am, Dr. Myosha McAfee

I am the CEO and Founder of The Equitect™ LLC, a premier anti-racism firm lighting a way to understand race as a verb - what I call the kinesiology of race.  I apply wide and deep wells of knowledge (four disciplines, four schools of thought, six fields) on how race moves through the interactions and operations of organizations.

As a social scientist, I bring deep expertise to complex and charged organizational problems. The journeys I curate move individuals and entire institutions to grapple with and humbly consider what truly transformative anti-racist, systems’ change work can emerge as.

Before The Equitect,™ I was the Founder and Head of Google's Center for Racial Equity and Systemic Transformation (CREST), I got the unusual opportunity to work at a scale and altitude unlike any other. Directly reporting to the then Chief Diversity Officer (2017-2019), my systemic change work was raised to the level of the entire ≈ 200-person team and I set the global strategy for racial equity at Google (2016-2019). My efforts at this altitude eventually affected all full-time employees in the 200,000-person company & cut across 16 verticals in HR.

Directly activating 16,000 employees, I structured a multi-entry point strategy that engaged 75% of executives - and over 1000 employees in week one! Unexpected and gratifying to witness, organic demand allowed part of my portfolio to scale across 3 states & 15 offices by the second year.

My proudest accomplishment? Directing company-wide process improvements & system overhauls for racial equity at the intersection of gender across the entire employee life-cycle.

My favorite part of leading CREST was finding that the work resulted in measurable shifts above the academic industry standard of ≈ 15% in beliefs, behavior, and organizational culture.

Though previous stagnant results year-over-year proved to be tenacious obstacles, the change work I led in re-imagining HR processes produced an unprecedented effect.

While the expected resistance to change proved vigilant, I created racial equity-driven interventions that garnered net promoter scores at percentages in the upper 90’s.

I loved hearing from people about the impact. The most common thing people said? “It’s transformational.” How about that? Astonished, it was proof I lived my sacred purpose out loud & in color. It proved so much is possible.

Doctorate and Master’s in Education, Harvard University.
Bachelor’s in Psychology and Social Work, University of Texas, Austin

Behind the Action of The Equitect™

The genesis of this enterprise is both purpose and providence.

The Equitect™ is an entity skilled in the art and science of building what is equitable.

The Equitect™ combines two words: equity and architect.

Equity has Latin and French roots: from the Latin word, aequus meaning even and just, and from the French root, equite meaning fair.

Architecture has Latin and Greek roots: from the Latin architectus, the Greek arkhitenkton meaning master builder, and from arki meaning chief.

Together equitect means building what is even, just, and fair.

The Equitect™ is here to help you build what is just, to help expand our capacity to face inequity’s tenacity.

The Equitect™ is not only a company doing business. It is, at its core:
• a continuation of a legacy,
• an answer to a divine call, and
• the fulfillment of a familial sacred purpose to be a miracle to another.

As a descendant of legions of chiefs, builders, & healers, I humbly answer the call to this next great adventure, knowing that I am guided, held, holy, and am sanctuary.

I look forward to meeting you.

Keep good.

In light,

Dr. Myosha McAfee
The CEO and Founder of The Equitect™

Values Guiding The Equitect™

Alchemy: Pursue transformation sincerely. ​

Make the ordinary strange, the atypical familiar. ​

Honor the journey of one changing one's own life.​

Inspire breakthroughs, transcend tensions, cultivate response-ability.


Create the unprecedented.

Choose courage over convenience.

Face inequity's tenacity.™