For Individuals

Want a space to grow your skillset that is not currently available in your organization or network? Wish to do more than read and looking for a lab to practice, rehearse, and experiment with lower stakes than the real world?

The Equitect™ is for you if you also want to:

1. depart from common approaches to equity issues that are not just not working out
2. add new frameworks to understand the complexities inundating your senses
3. broaden you language to have the words to name more unnamed dynamics around you
4. to get beyond current limitations, walls, and screens that bind perspective, movement, and progress.

If you tend to be a Lone Ranger and want to expand in ways that value privacy and seek the kind of peace that can come with learning, trying, and failing when distant from threats to reputation, job security, and judgement from colleagues, here are three options just for you.

Apply to be a part of the Antiracism @ Work Coaching Collective

Antiracism Coach

Gather a group of trusted folks to participate in a lab together

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For In-Tact Teams

Need to cultivate a high performing team that can have serious and substantive conversations about race and its intersections as they fulfill the team mission?

The Equitect™ is here.

Is your team looking to move in a coordinated way through acquired shared language and an aligned approach? Hoping to join forces by going through and emerging from something together?

The Equitect™ is here.

Want to bring together a group learning to work together horizontally in your organization for systemic change? Want your cross-functional working groups to move in sync and in unique and groundbreaking ways to build skill in re-imagining systems and company-wide processes?

The Equitect™ is here.

Has your team completed all of your in-house DEI options and you are looking for the next level of work? Are you craving a solution that is more bespoke than what is available internally?

Is your team building a product/serve that will be enriched by expertise that isn't currently available internally?

Or a segment of your team - executives, non managerial, pods, verticals, etc. - needs support to develop and pilot new organizational practices, policies, and processes in a lower stakes environment?

The Equitect™ is here.

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For In-House DEI Training Teams

Are you looking for a change of pace after taking on the learning and organizational development work of training the rest of your organization? When you're frequently the team who is developing others, there can be limitations to how your team interacts with each other and the broader organization. Would you like to step off the stage and influence the direction of conversations in a different way? Do you find your team investing in others and musing, "We want to be developed. We want investment in our growth too."

In-house DEI teams inhabit a unique position inside of HR in organizations. Often, they are tasked with driving change and transformation. Yet, they are faced with inordinate obstacles, weathering dilemmas, exhausting constraints, and more powerful forces with competing commitments.

Get in touch with The Equitect,™ if:

  • Your team is looking to build cohesion and trust through acquired shared language, aligning on an approach, and having gone through and emerged from something together.
  • You're hungry for development that teaches to the more experienced, practiced, and accustomed to DEI efforts.
  • Your current train-the-trainer needs supplementation or a complementary experience for your team.
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For Executives (CEOs, CPOs, CDOs, Founders, etc.)

Read these 12 Challenges Facing Executives Who Work with The Equitect.™ If you're facing similar challenges, get in touch.


  • Need a space to take off the masks, give the limitations and wounds some sunlight, put down the backbreaking load, and reflect on the crown that is so heavy to wear.
  • Seek a place to cultivate courage, to sift through the dilemmas with support, to remember who you are and your values, and re-commit to your purposeful vision for how you pursue your destiny when the dangers of leading arrive.
  • Supervise amid critical uncertainties and unavoidable susceptibility;  managing risk to reputation, economic viability, access to future opportunities.
  • Sitting at the head of a large group with segments who's requests conflict, diverge, and heighten the stakes.
  • Publicly held responsible for holding a sense of accountability that is feared, under-developed, and fleeting until the next crisis.
  • Caught between serving the greater good and surviving the powerful few.
  • Managing triangulated expectations from above you, lateral to you, and beneath you.
  • Looking for a place to bring your head from beneath the sand, to turn from looking away, to bring voice to what has been left unacknowledged, and other fear-based tendencies.
  • Figuring out how to expend finite social and political capital.
  • Overseeing teams distracted by turf wars, competition, and minutia.
  • Managing a fraught history that is unresolved and invoked in the present to get resolved.
  • Struggling between profit, principles, and people.
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