Why Pursue Equity with The Racial Equitect®

Pursue equity with The Racial Equitect® if you want high impact results. To get an appetizer of life before and after working with me, please look below for:

Systemic Change & Organizational Culture Transformation

Equity Leadership and Racial Climate Results

Have a fear of being called in? Increase your capacity to get back up after a fall.

Worry about your ability to interact and make racially equitable decisions? Improve your racial navigation proficiency.

The fallout when racial realities collide keeping you up at night? Increase your racial literacy.

On unsteady ground within? Increase the internal sense that you can reliably trust yourself when interacting with others within your race/ethnicity and gender.

Unsure managing across race and gender? Increase the internal sense that you can reliably trust yourself when interacting across race/ethnicity and gender.

Stressed about race & its intersections stressing you out? Work to overcome the heightened emotions that come with interacting across race/ethnicity (Perception Institute).

Testimonials of Change & Transformation

“One of the big lessons for me is just at any given moment - in a work meeting, in collaboration, how many different dynamics are at play in terms of people asserting power, relinquishing power…

[my actions had] nuanced ripple effects that were very unintended. And her rubric, frame, theory, and tools that she gave us really just enabled me to start analyzing myself and dynamics in a much more nuanced, multidimensional fashion.

My mind is pretty blown…”
- Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Professional
“It CHANGED my relationship with conflict! Which is no small thing.

It was so healthy to be in a space where we were having conflict or tension and learning with her guidance and prodding, how to use it to move the work forward that we are actually trying to collaborate on as a group...how to go deeper on a topic or get to a better solution by going through conflict, WILLINGLY, and getting it to be productive.”
- Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Professional

“I was blown away with how quickly we were in the [race] work...I also experienced having a mirror held up to me in a way that I never have before…

It also helped me to understand that some of the stories that I have about myself...the reality is that the rest of the folks in the room don’t experience me that way...that’s a story I tell myself that is just not true...”
- Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Professional

Podcast: Clients' Experiences Before & After

This episode, originated and recorded by former clients of without request, answers three questions:

1. In an abundance of DEI training and racial equity approaches, what's unique about The Racial Equitect®?

2. What about its process led to transformations for them professionally and personally?

3. And, how did their experience expand their capacity to lead, strategize, and move with more muscle and agility?

Click the image to tune in to the discussion of their antiracism practices before, and after.