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What is the difference between Racial + Equitecture ® & Equitecture ®?

With The Equitect™ LLC, you can access 14 Collections organized by 5 Anchors. 2 pathways depending on your context.


Expand your capacity to face inequity's tenacity.™ 


Embolden the strategic & empirical rigor of your racial equity strategy.


Energize your latitude to lead against the inequitable status quo.

Apply antiracist theoretical knowledge and skills to your everyday context.

Fortify your muscle & agility to navigate various forms of resistance.​

Mobilize your operations to complement your strategy for racial justice with tactics, logistics, & infrastructure.

Racial + Equitecture ® is great for organizations that are:


Grapple with grounding abstract ideas of anti-blackness, anti-racism, and centering who’s at the margins into everyday, embodied org practice

Positively Deviant from the Status Quo

Experience challenges with operationalizing a strategy that pursues structural, systemic, and intersectional analyses

Wrestling with Dilemmas

Face signs of inertia in equity outcome metrics and/or diminishing returns over time AND witness signs of what emerges when the racial status quo gets disrupted

Sitting in Dialectics

See signals of both organizational resilience and resistance AS WELL AS wrestle with budding cultural shifts in the way people speak, think, and work; with mobilization at multiple levels  - bottom, top, middle, the margins, and the center

Equitecture ® is great for organizations that are:

Astute & Discerning

Observing signs of inertia in DEI outcome metrics and/or diminishing returns over time, AND note series of DEI crises, perhaps with reactive responses 

Juxtaposing Diverse Values & Racial Realities

Grappling with diverse factions: some may seek to embody DEI values at rational costs, while others  find DEI less appetizing, given the feared associated costs of sincere efforts

Curious + Emboldened

Curious about whether the ‘right’ DEI work is implemented, how you know, while noticing gutsy initial DEI goals may have been diluted or sidestepped

Sitting in Dialectics

Wrestling with comfort, convenience, and contradiction. 

Contending with seeming divergent interests: DEI humanist goals vs profit, reputation, and risk

With The Equitect,™ LLC you can access 14 Collections. The Collections are organized into 2 Pathways according to 5 Anchors.

For the Bookworm Collection

For the Catalysts Collection

For the Dilemmatic Collection








Muscle & Agility


Skills & Knowledge


Racial + Equitecture

For the Bold & Baldwin-esque Collection

For the Tenacious & Tubman-esque Collection 






in Both Pathways





For the Equal Parts Visionary, Strategist, & Executor Collection

For the Bibliophiles Collection

For the Pragmatists Collection

Mixed Collections

(a mix of all of the anchors above)

For the Well-Read & Just Starting Out

For the Avant-Garde & Adventurous Collection


For the Pioneer & Enterprising Collection

For the Humble with Beginners' Minds

For the Quixotic & Experimental Collection

For the Gutsy & Exploratory Collection