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Expand your capacity to face inequity's tenacity.™

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Introducing the Strategy Collection

A walking with - through the messiness.

An anchor when you're ungrounded.

More regulation for a nervous system on the fritz.

An opener to release the pressure building up.

Direction in high ambiguity, when kicked up dust, makes it hard to see.

Strategy robust enough to reach your racial equity targets.



The Strategy Collection:

is for the visionary, strategists, and executor - in equal parts.

facilitates you to build a distinctive racial strategy for your organization and community.

and not just any racial strategy. 

But one that is robust enough to compel a racially unequal system to equalize.

Go Beyond The Expected with The Equitect.™ Expand your capacity to face inequity's tenacity.™

You're a CEO, CPO, CDO, or other executive with expertise, but not in race. 

You've thought, "enough talking. Let's start doing something."

You're spent by the game of whack-a-mole that comes with being caught on your backfoot when racial flashpoints occur.

You're finding yourself in a pressure cooker with no release valve. 

You're reflecting on the results of your current strategy and feeling underwhelmed.

Before The Equitect™


Indecisive when called to be resolute in one's values

Ambivalence when clarity & transparency are needed

Time needed when it's running out

Impulse to avoid when its necessary to show up

Inclination to procrastinate when immediacy is expected

After The Equitect™

Ascend above the fray + read racial dynamics

Descend into the fray - intervene & iterate practice with pace, timing, and intensity in mind

Build muscle and agility to:

  • sit in the hot seat

  • navigate catch-22's

  • stand the heat in the kitchen

  • be resolute in double-binds, paradoxes, & contradictions

  • find places to turn when there isn't one

  • work out of a rock and a hard place

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The Equitect™ LLC

Expand your capacity to face inequity's tenacity.™