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Get a hands-on social scientist, maverick leader, and coach to work with you daily, weekly, monthly to help you equalize your organizational systems.

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How it Works:
  • Have you tried lots of interventions that have not produced the results you’re seeking?
  • Are you looking at results from your climate survey and see disparities by race at the intersection of gender?
  • Has your team has participated in various trainings and there is still little change in organizational processes, structure, culture, and systems?
  • Are youlooking at outcomes for promotion and retention and see disparities by race at the intersection of gender?
  • Practice releasing the embodied ways of surviving while others maintain dominant cultures that do not serve the whole.
  • Visualize the current system.
  • ID ways to distribute the current burden of shifting it.
  • Then, experiment with ways to effectively interact with systems and people at different stages of the antiracism journey.
  • Intervene: Use systems archetypes to interpret localized dynamics and figure out a way to map and intervene in these systems.
  • Engineer: Build infrastructure and operations that practice fairness attuned to organizational feedback loops.
  • Create: Construct a futurist vision beyond your current conditions and constraints.
  • Style: Experimentation, experiential, organizational practice-based: group works together to respond to a real challenge being faced by the team.
  • Format: Virtual and in-person high support, high challenge, in-between-lab work.
  • Timing: Weekly or biweekly.
  • Duration: 4-month minimum, 6 months minimum for better results.
  • Size: Group size varies and is layered, depending on the context.

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